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Social Media Strategy.

Get crystal clear about your social media goals.

Social Media Strategy

Be seen and heard by your ideal audience with a customised social media strategy by Socialised.

You or someone on your team has a way with words and knows how to create a scroll stopping post – great, you’re about a quarter of the way towards social media success. What you also need is a social media marketing plan telling you (or your team) what to post, when to post, who to engage with and how to know what’s working and what’s not.

If you don’t have a plan, you’ve skipped the first and most important step when it comes to managing your social media – strategy.

Social Media Strategy

With a Social Media Strategy in place you will be able to:

  • Get clear about your social media goals and what tactics you will use to achieve them.
  • Turn conversations into sales and followers into raving fans.
  • Set specific, measurable goals and time frames for achieving your social media goals.
  • Grow your sales by spending more time engaging with your audience and responding to comments and messages.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities within your team.

How can we help you to be more strategic?

  • An initial meeting via Zoom to discuss your business, overall marketing objectives and what’s working and what’s not for you currently when it comes to Social Media.
  • A detailed audit of your current social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Development of a comprehensive Social Media Strategy specifically created for your brand.
  • Follow up meeting (via Zoom) to guide you through your report and Social Media Strategy.
Social Media Strategy specifically created for your brand
Keetrax Full Stop Agency
Who is Keetrax?

your full stop agency.

Keetrax is a one-stop marketing and development studio that will help you achieve your business growth aspirations. If you need a marketing strategy and plan for your business as a whole, we can help.


The White Wedding Club

“Socialised is so talented and super knowledgeable in the social media space. They have taught me so many time saving techniques and really paved the path for my social media strategy to be implemented clearly and easily. Loved working with Socialised.”


Strangers Collective

“I would highly recommend the team at Socialised. They are incredible with what they do and experts in their field. They built up the engagement for my business which has given me confidence and the understanding of how my social media works. Whether you need someone to manage your full day to day running with this or just help creating content – Socialised is your go to!”

What they’re saying about Socialised.

Christine Ligthart


“What I really loved about the team at Socialised is that they took the time to understand my business and the way I want it presented online. This was my biggest fear, that they wouldn’t get me and what I stand for, but right from our very first meeting, they made me feel comfortable and gave me the confidence that they would take good care of my business and its online reputation.”

Uplevel your Social Media game with a customised Social Media Strategy by Socialised.

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