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Instagram Saved Replies for Ecommerce Brands

By March 28, 2022April 13th, 2022No Comments
Instagram Saved Replies for Ecommerce Brands

We love a time-saving hack here at Socialised and even better when it’s for our favourite social media platform, Instagram. This particular hack will save you time when answering questions that come to you via Messenger on Instagram.

Introducing… Instagram Saved Replies.

What are Saved Replies on Instagram?

Saved Replies (previously called Quick Replies) are a snippet of text that can be saved and then quickly added to messages you send to your customers. They’re perfect for answering frequently asked questions you receive from your customers and they’re super useful for those times when you have a high volume of direct messages.

We love them at Socialised because they’re a great way to ensure consistency if you have multiple people answering Instagram DMs.

Note: You must have an Instagram business account or creator account to access this feature. If you cannot see this option in your menu ensure you’re using the latest versions of Instagram and your operating system.

Setting up Saved Replies on Instagram

Setting up Saved Replies on Instagram is easy and can be done in no time by following these steps.

  • Open your profile and tap the three lines in the top-right corner of the screen.⁠
  • Tap Settings and scroll down to the Business tab.⁠
  • Select ‘Saved Replies’.⁠
  • Tap the “+” button in the top-right corner to create a new saved reply.
  • Once you’ve written your message, type a shortcut in the box above.
  • Tap the “Save” button.⁠
  • When you want to use the saved reply, type the shortcut you created earlier. A blue button appears in the message box and you can select your saved reply.

Watch our Social Media Director, Alice, walk you through these steps in this video we recently shared to Instagram.

When to use Saved Replies on Instagram

If you find yourself repeatedly answering the same questions via Instagram DM’s you’ll appreciate the convenience of Saved Replies. They’re also great when you’re running a special promotion or giveaway and are encouraging customers to reach out to you via DM with any questions they may have. If you have a Customer Service team monitoring your DM’s, Saved Replies enable you to pre-write ‘on-brand replies’ that your team can send where appropriate.

Instagram Saved Replies Case Study

We’ve used Instagram Saved Replies with our Social Media Management client, Indoor Plant Supplies. Once a customer has purchased from Indoor Plant Supplies we encourage the customer to share either their product or package on social media. When they do this we send them a saved message offering 15% off their next order.

Here’s Indoor Plant Supplies Saved Reply:

“Hey, thanks so much for sharing your Indoor Plant Supplies product on social. We really appreciate it and it really helps to get our small business out there. To say thanks, here’s a 15% off code for your next purchase: please enter the code ‘******’ at check out when you next purchase. – Indoor Plant Supplies team xx”

Benefits for Indoor Plant Supplies

  • The request to share on Instagram encourages engagement and helps to attract new followers.
  • The message helps the customer to feel valued.
  • The discount offers an incentive to become a repeat customer.

The benefits of Instagram Saved Replies

Instagram’s Saved Reply feature is a great time saver but its benefits don’t end there. Using this feature will help you to increase communication with your followers, and reply with consistency regardless of how many messages you receive or who from your team is answering them. This feature is available for use via iPhone, Android, or desktop.

For our help getting started with Instagram Saved Replies or to learn more about Social Media Management, contact Alice.

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