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Facebook & Instagram Advertising.

Engage and convert MORE of your target audience with a Paid Ads Strategy.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

What if more customers was as simple as reaching more customers?

With 3.8 billion social media users globally and 84% of users saying they will choose a brand they follow over a competitor they don’t – can you afford not to be advertising on social media?

Socialised can help you to reach, engage and convert MORE of your target audience with a Facebook and Instagram Paid Ads Strategy.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Reach, engage, convert.

Our creative Facebook and Instagram marketing experts can help you to:

  • Create personalised ads relevant to your target audience
  • Make an impact with click-worthy ads that can be shared on Facebook & Instagram
  • Run a highly effective ads campaign with a good return on investment (ROI)
  • Find new customers
  • Get more leads and registrations
  • Retarget shoppers who’ve shown an interest in your product or service but not purchased from you yet

Maximise your ROI for every dollar spent on paid ads.

At Socialised we offer an end to end Social Media Paid Ads service. From paid ads strategy to Facebook and Instagram ads creation, ads set up, advanced audience targeting, budget management and analysis of results, we’ll help you to maximise your ROI for every dollar spent on paid Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Paid Advertising

Social Media Advertising Strategy includes:


Facebook Advertising Set Up

Don’t worry if you’re new to Social Media Advertising – we’re experts at the backend, techy side of getting everything set up and working in the way it should so you can advertise on Facebook and Instagram effectively. This includes setting up Facebook Business Suite (Business Manager) and installing your Facebook Pixel so we can track conversions, optimise your ads and build high converting target audiences for both platforms.


Research & Strategy

Before we create a single ads campaign we will undertake research to understand your business and target audience. If you’ve dipped your toe into paid advertising previously we’ll also analyse your past performance alongside your organic efforts on the platforms to help us create effective campaigns for your business. What we learn about your business, your goals and budget will be used to create your Social Media Advertising Strategy.


Creative Ads Creation

One of the biggest parts of your social media strategy is the ads themselves. With so much to see on social media it’s important that your ads stand out to your target audience and do the job of encouraging them to click through. Together with our copy and design teams we’ll create the type of ads your ideal customer responds to.


Monitoring, Testing, Tweaking

Once your ads are up and running we continue to monitor them to ensure they are performing optimally and that there are no irregularities. And we continue to tweak and test to ensure that your opportunities and budget are being maximised.



Our goal is to make it obvious to you that the ads we create are boosting your bottom line (cha-ching!). But monthly reporting is an important part of the strategy. Each month we’ll prepare and present a report that highlights the ways your ads are having an impact and helping you to move closer to your business goals. We’ll also include suggestions for how your ads can be ‘tweaked’ to help you scale your business to the next level.

Will Social Media Advertising benefit your business?

Social Media advertising has been proven to be incredibly effective in helping all types of businesses to build awareness, compete in a crowded marketplace and scale results. In practical terms here are just some of the ways advertising on Instagram and/or Facebook can give your business a boost:

  • Increased visibility on social media
  • Higher quality traffic to your accounts
  • Better brand recognition and credibility
  • Improved conversion rates
  • A strong social presence you can build on organically
  • Lower marketing costs
  • The ability to scale
Paid Advertising

Improved ROI. Increased Conversions. Better Targeting. Lower Lead Costs.

Plug into our Social Media Ads knowledge and our conversion focused copy and design expertise to boost your bottom line with paid advertising campaigns for Instagram and Facebook.

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